Return to Nature.

Come stay with us.

Experience the beauty of glamping in a pristine environment

nature heals

Our services

Choose to stay in our full sized bell tents – big enough for a group of 4 or bring along your own tent (you can also rent one from us) and pitch it in the camp ground if you prefer the more traditional approach to camping. Enjoy nightly bonfires and the calm, peaceful,  unspoilt suroundings


Spacious Bell tents with comfortable beds and fully equipped and hygienic facilities


Freshly prepared local and continental delicacies whose flavor is enriched by the pure Himalayan water and the pristine air


The hiking trail to Kheerganga to experience the joy of hot water springs or walk through the locally grown organic apple orchards

nature revives

Why Glamping?

A connection with nature has  been proven to improve moods, alleviate stress , spark creativity and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Glamping is about giving you the space to connect with nature in a unique way taking away the discomfort and stresses commonly associated with camping, allowing for a truly restful stay


nature restores


We aim to make your stay pleasant, comfortable and restorative. If you choose not to stay with us and are just passing through, you can still take advantage of the facilities available at the campsite

  • Cafe and Restaurant
  • Laundry
  • Shower and restroom facilities (solar powered)
  • Hiking / Camping equipment (available for rent / purchase as required)
  • Local guide to accompany you on the trek to Kheerganga

nature inspires


Choose from the packages below or contact us directly for any custom requirements. Our stays are completely women-friendly and we take precautions to ensure solo or group female travellers feel secure

Small Groups

Perfect for an individual, a couple on a romantic getaway or a group of friends. Can accommodate 0-6 people

Large Groups

Perfect for a corporate getaway or a large group of friends travelling together.Can accommodate 6-12 people


Bring along your own tent(or rent one from us) to pitch at our campsite and avail the facilities at a nominal fee

Get away. glow and thrive.

Get away from crowded, smoke filled cities and over populated, over-hyped touristy destinations.

Come stay with us.

Experience the beauty and sheer joy of living in pristine Himalayan surroundings. Let nature and the purity of surroundings melt away your stresses and access your inner joy and creativity.

And whats more – you camp without the discomfort thats associated with traditional camping 🙂

+ 40 %
+ 50 %
- 45 %

nature is life

How to reach us

Himachal is where we are based.

Getting away from the busy life means actually getting away and leaving it all behind.

Getting here from Delhi:

Drive down from Delhi until Barshaini passing Kasol (a popular tourist destination), Manikaran (Famous for the gurudwara , their langar and the very same hotsprings you will find at KheerGanga).

Alternatively, buses ply regularly from Delhi – Buntar and on the Buntar-Kasol-Manikaran-Barshaini route

From Barshaini its a 20 min hike to reach Kalga and disconnect.

nature connects

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Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.
Ralph Waldo Emerson